Time I put in a post to this brilliant source of info for owners, having gleaned one heck of a lot of it when I needed the advice. With a Vectra 1.9 150 Estate having all the symptoms that other folk have suffered with, I would just like to say thank you to all those that take the trouble to post the "fixits" and the way of going about it. This car has tested my patience on too many occasions. but that said it has been the best Vaux I have owned over many years. And now coming up to 100k and with most of the faults I`ve sorted it is going as good as it ever did. It was a 2yr old with 43k on the clock which I bought from a dealer. Looked good went well but some months later, up came the management light just after the engine went into limp home mode going up a hill. All down to carbon build up in the intake manifold and assys and with a bit of advice from a pal in my local dealers to use diesel fuel additive in the tank, simple but it worked and that particular fault has not happened since. But as a result that didn`t stop the swirlpot link rod falling off a few times and the EGR and Map Sensor gumming up. It was the EGR rework and clean up that finally got rid of the dreaded flat spot at 14/1500 revs. All those that have posted that problem have my sympathys. I would not have known about this fault if I hadn`t discovered this website first. And here I would especially like to thank djp69UK for the brill procedure on fitting a new inlet manifold and Cambelt change. After doing the £1 fix, from another member on this site, on the swirl rod, which worked for a few thousand miles before finally falling off and bringing up another limp home fault. Just happened to fail as I was towing a caravan home. And with 60 odd miles at a max of 50mph, I`d had enough and changed the inlet manifold and actuator. Some job that. Still got the scars on knees and hands. Leaning over and working in a cluttered area at the back of these engines is no joke. I took notes on the whole procedure.
I changed the Cambelt, pulleys and tensioners at the same time. Different engine now and well worth the expense and time. Recorded 52mpg last long journey, this year. Local dealer quote for that little lot was £2500 +. So with other jobs done like Thermostat housing and sensor, airbox rework, front road springs and even anti roll link rods changed, I am going to let someone else have the pleasure in running her after six years of owning and will be looking to buy another vectra-c estate with a 150 engine on a late 09 plate. Some people never learn, do they?