Hi all
New here and I'll probably have to post questions in a couple places!! I have just bought an 04 Vectra C - 1.9CDTI SXi and, for very little money - it's a nice car or, it will be once I've sorted it to my satisfaction and hopefully with a bit of advice from you guys and girls on here.
1. I have an intermittent bulb failure warning which is doing my head in and, I've read on here that this is probably due to a loose connection on a sidelight? Checked but found nothing significant however, the previous owner has done a Xenon conversion with the HID control units 'flopping' about behind each headlight - any recommendations/advice please?
2. Two days ago I've received another unpleasant surprise, when I activate the ignition - I get a loud electrical 'ticking/clicking' sound from what appears to be in the dash towards the passenger side - when I turn the key it momentarily stops while the engine starts then, when running it starts again speeding up and down with the revs then, stops - any ideas please?
3. I live alone in the Ellesmere Port area and could do with a recommendation for a reasonably priced workshop to look after and give my Vectra some TLC. Previously I used a guy in Widnes who was a Vauxhall trained chap and an absolute star at looking after my old Vectra C. He's out of reach now as leaving cars and getting about with lifts etc is difficult for me.
4. Great Speakers to replace the standard fitments in the existing slots - any recommendations please?
Thanks for your help