After picking the misses and 2 kids up we decided they would have McDonalds for dinner on the way back i heard some squeaking from the rear end at first i thought it was one of the kids with there straw ( you know has you pull it up and down you get a squeak from it ) it sounds like a plastic squeak or it could be rubber. Anyway it sounds like its coming from the offside rear and seemed to be more noticeable going over rough road and while fully laden. Anyway dropped them off and had a drive round on my tod to see if it was the kids its defiantly there but not has often could this be shock related or am i looking at arb bushes.
Not sure i don't think its a major problem just thought id check on here first i do have arb bushes ready to fit and im going to have new suspension in the next few weeks anyway.

Any help would be appreciated