I've had a small oil leak for the last two years on my 55 plate 1.9 120bhp vectra working taxi and its starting to increase in size. I have to top the engine up with approx. half litre of oil about every 4 weeks. Anyway my mate who's not a mechanic but dabbles a bit seems to think it's coming from the gearbox side crank case and needs a new gasket which should be done asap before I damage the engine or gearbox. He says it's a big job as you need to take the gearbox out and therefore recommends that since the box is out I should also change my clutch and dmf at the same time. There are no problems with the clutch and dmf but they have done 140k since they were last changed. I've done a bit of pricing and I can get the gasket for about £30 from the dealer, while a LUK 3 piece clutch kit and a LUK DMF and LUK DMF bolt set comes to about £428 online. I've got a quote from Mr Clutch in Cardiff who said they would fit them for about £200 but as I'm using my own parts I wouldn't have any warranty. Mr Clutch said if they were to supply the parts which would be LUK I would have a 20k warranty ( which would last me approx. 6 months ) and the job would cost about 800 or 900 quid. I've also had a quote from the main dealer for about £1150 to do the job using their parts. At the present time like many others I am struggling a bit financially and so am exploring all avenues. My questions are firstly is it good advice by my mate to change the clutch and dmf at the same time as the gasket. Secondly, should I go with the buying my own parts option and getting it done by Mr Clutch and are they any good as a review site that I visited had a lot of negative comments about certain branches. Or thirdly, wait untill I can afford to use the main dealer which could be a few months away. Also have LUK parts got a good reputation and are they the same parts used by Vauxhall which my mate seems to think. Or does anyone know a decent mechanic who would do it for a reasonable price. Any comments will be greatly appreciated as it's worrying me a bit. Thanks.