My Wife's Corsa is due for an MOT next week so Saturday was a day to check it over. Checked Front Discs and pads, Gaiters and Joints all O.K. Rear shoes a bit worn but probebly O.K. for MOT but better safe than sorry got a set of new shoes. Near side went a dream, just doing the off side and ping, the spring for the self adjuster flicked off and is gone. Checked all over the garge floor, nothing, in my clothes and all around the jack and axles stands. Final thought it bounced outside into the grass. Got my extendabkle magnet and spent an hour divining the grass, still nothing but gave the local kids a laugh, what a plonker. Monday is the Wifes day at local Mencap. So unless Halfords have the goodies, she is using the Veccy and I will be on the bus at 6.30. O'h the joys of DIY