Hi everyone im new on here so im sorry if some people have already gone over this but its a big consern to me so here goes.

i have a vectra c 2.2 sri petrol on a 52 plate 2003.

i have owned it for over a year now without any major issues but latly i have been hearing a few wrong noises.

the first thing is when on a cold start(over night on cold mornings mostly)

i get a rattle for the first 2-3 seconds then disapears.

and secondly when my car has been parked through the day from about 9oclock after a 10 min drive to work,i then start it at around 4ish and i have a miss fire,but if i dont rev it u cant tell its there but if i leave it running for say 30 seconds then rev it,theres no miss fire.

its very strange as both problems are only for a few seconds and not all the time.

the car has all the power it needs and it has just been through its mot and passed the emissions with flying colours the mot guy told me,if i had a full tank of fuel and tried to kill myself by putting a hose pipe though the window i would run out of petrol before i died so i guess thats good.

i have had it on my laptop also and it isnt coming up with any fault codes or pending codes either.

please tell me its not a bad job to fix as i know the older vectras had problems with timing chains.

thanks alot sorry its so long cheers dave