150 CDTI SRI Estate 07

Hey guys,

bit of a weird one this, would love to see what you all think;

There's a couple of specific roads nearby (basingstoke) which spiral round before joining a duel carriageway... Really long extended turns at speeds or around 40-50ish

There's one in particular which is a left turn, and twice I've gone round it and "broken down"... The engine just dies, warning lights come on... I pull over, take out the key, put it back in.. then it starts and runs no problem.

Both times this happened I had less than half a tank of fuel, so I put it down to that. (maybe going over to one side during the extended turn and not getting into the pump).

I now plod around it so slowly to avoid it happening that other drivers furiously tailgate me.. before I then speed off as it straightens out.. annoying huh?

The other day I drove round a bit faster - and it ALMOST happened again!

The car lacked power to the point where it would not accellerate at all (as I straightened out) - for about 20 seconds then returned to normal but with the emissions light on for the rest of the journey.

This was with over half a tank of fuel.. I've also had the fuel filter replaced recently just to make sure it wasn't that..

Any ideas of what this might be? Maybe it needs de-carbing or something? Would love to get this sorted as it's on my daily commute and the car is otherwise reliable and great