I'm a newbie here and need some help.I have checked through 20 odd
pages on forum and but unfortunatly I have half a car dismantled on wrong side.The Vectra I own has heater blower problem.was intermittent for awhile
but has stopped on all levely now.I also smelt burning and have left the blower off since.There is no relays or heater risistor on left hand side of car
(Vectra GL Plus 2 Ltr Diesel 1998 ) I think I have located it on drivers side
but it is in a position impossible to reach ,right at top of bulk head above peddels right up against a bracket.Is it possible to remove from engine bay,
even if I have to remove all wiper system.I would like to check as advised on your excellent forum the relays .but do not knoe which one's
Any help would be great.