hy guys,sorry,but I am really desperate...
I have a vectra c 2.0 dti 2002... I was doing a dtc check today with my opcom,the usual thing... I switched the ignition,connected the reader,connected to ecu... no fault codes. didn't mess with the car at all,didnt change anything just checked the fault codes.
After a couple of minutes,the abs and esp lights came on for a couple of seconds (like when you switch the ignition first time),they switched off and after couple more seconds all dashboard lights came on and off flicking all with a weird clicking noise from what seemed to come from behind the glovebox,a relay or something.
I switched the ignition off,left the car for couple of minutes and tried again to switch ignition on, same flick of all dashboard lights all with that weird clicking noise,tried to start the car and nothing. now after couple of hours,same thing,not only with the ignition on but even after I take the key out of the ignition. cd player switches itself on and off,tried to switch the headlights on,they stay on for couple of seconds and start to flicker,if I try to switch to high beam,it dies, all power,nothing.
remote locking doesn't work or locks only the front doors and unlocks the back ones all on the same time, alarm starts by itself, I turn it off from key,it starts again in couple of seconds and car has all doors closed....
I am really desperate, sorry. I had no choice just to unplug the battery.
please help.