Just thought if post a couple of quick pics of the beginnings of my ice, can see this getting very expensive very quickly!!!! The pics are a but crap as it was getting dark. The sound quality so far is excellent

Installed my head unit and wired the mic up through the pillar and roof line and have a USB in the glove box.
Attachment 53197

Front door speakers and tweeters replaced with Rockford Fosgate prime components. I decided to mount the tweeters outside the original grill I thought it looked better and it was easier to fit.
Attachment 53198
Attachment 53199

Forgot to take some pics of the door speakers in but lets just say they fit 'snug'....!

Next up will prob be a sub/amp. I have been looking at a vibe liteair 12" due to its compactness. After that I'll hopefully get the prime range again for the rear doors.

To be continued.....