Hi guys,
I have posted a new thread as I saw the one from a couple of days ago but that was an estate so I know the problem doesn't lie in the rear windows.
Basically last night my alarm randomly started going off, I unlocked it and locked it again and that was that. Got in this morning and safeguard check appeared on the display.
Got in it after work and the message had gone.
Pulled up at home and locked the car, 30-60 mins later the alarm went off again, unlocked it and locked it again as last night and 30 seconds later it did it again. So I unlocked it and just pressed the fob once to lock it but not activate the alarm. 5 mins later I pressed the fob to activate the alarm and had nothing since.
I havnt been out to check the screen yet but will be in a little while.

Has anybody else had this and fixed it or is it a pricey trip to VX for me?

Thanks in advance guys.