Hi guys, had the car for a year or so with occasional spanner light p0638 code putting it into limp home mode.
Its an intermittent fault as it will drive fine for a while then go into lhm, leave it for a while and sometimes it clears sometimes it doesn't. Often it will be on when I start it then go off after a short time other times it stays on for ages.
I've tried to get hold of the Elobau sensor without success but today I had a look at the vacuum actuator thing on the other end of the butterfly shaft noticing it had a small hole in the rubber diaphragm.
I imagined this would be the cause so repaired it and it works fine but now the butterfly is slammed shut all the time by way of vaccum with the engine running and the spanner light on. If I disconnect the vacuum pipe it opens fully but reconnecting it causes it to close again and the car will not rev. Disconnecting and plugging the pipe causes lhm so I know that is not the answer and the throttle pedal sensor seems to work fine aswell.
Any ideas where I might be going wrong or where I can get hold of an Elobau sensor. The dealer will only sell me the complete upper inlet manifold and I don't need all that.
Thanks in advance,