hi, im wondering if anyone can help me with a problem im having with fitting my towbar. i have fitted towbar and electrics apart from one wire which is the live feed to the by-pass relay that is required for this car , i dont know where to get a 12v supply to this, can i connect it somewhere in the boot of the car? as i wouldnt know where to run a cable all the way to the battery. there is a spare terminal on the fuse box in the boot which is 12v coming from it when i tested it so i joined the wire here but when i came out the following morning my battery was totally drained so i have disconected from there. all the other connections i have made are fine as i connected this wire to a spare battery i have and all lights etc are working .i would be grateful if anyone can advise me where to connect this by pass relay wire to as it requires its own 12v supply. thank you