Seen a real nice Vectra c cdti (150) XP
72k on the clock,has service history the dealer told me the usual crap saying vauxhall reccomend 10years or 100k for a belt change but i told him my thoughts on that

I know the other big issue on these could be the clutch and fly wheel but he has to get back to me to see if it has been done,is 72k the sort of mileage the clutch would go on these??? or what sort of miles (on average) would you be talking bout a new clutch.

I had a signum 3.0 V6 CDTI the last time i was on here so this engine would be new to me and anybody with any other imput on the 150 CDTI would be great (what to look out for etc)

I know i will get slaughtered for this but i am also looking at the FORDyes FORD mondeo ST TDCI.