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Thread: Update, progress? Sort of...

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    Default Update, progress? Sort of...

    Hi all,

    I'm on here almost everyday just don't really post much.

    Haven't been doing many miles in my Vec lately as due to no payrise for almost 2 years and rising bill costs it has been cheaper to take my work van most places.

    Anyway, I've had loads of bits piling up ready to be fitted and a growing list of jobs I've been meaning to catch up on.

    First of all though, this month has been an expensive one!
    I don't get paid now until the 6th of every month, my tax ran out on the 29th and my M.O.T ran out on the 4th which meant I had to M.O.T it before I could tax it again.
    Car went in to the VX dealership where my mate works as service leader.

    It failed for a couple of reasons:

    1 - Had my "naughty" private plates on which has never been a problem before, they were made by and have honeycomb reflective background )
    2- Was a tyre, a Neuton NT5000 fitted several months ago but not covering more that 3k miles with 6mm of tread remaining, it's a write off because the inner side wall has "egged"
    I complained to Neo brothers not longer after I had them fitted that the tyre kept deflating and they put it down to the wheel being poorly sealed despite never having this problem with my previous tyres, I had new tyre valves fitted and the the tyres seam sealed apparently for nothing.
    Never mind, a new tyre is on order for tommorow.

    The M.O.T also highlighted another a few other bits which are on their way out.

    Worn rear brake pads and discs (apparently due to the pads seizing on (this has probably been causing me poor fuel economy but I haven't been using the car often enough to notice, also lack of use is probably the reason they were seized :P )

    N/S/R suspension arm bush is worn, not excessively but enough to be highlighted.

    Worn exhaust flexi.

    Leaking rear N/S/R shock absorber.

    When I bought this car I decided that if anything failed I would replace it with brand new or upgrade items, so, that said I think I'll be looking at the powerflex polybush kits that people have started using (might aswell do the lot so can someone point me in the right direction?)

    Worn out shocker = Enough justification to upgrade all the shocks, considering a Bilstein B12 kit again.

    Worn out rear discs and pads - Ordered a kit from VX for £60

    Exhaust I'll sort in due course as I was planning full stainless when I start climbing the bhp ladder

    The car has already had it's plates changed to legal ones and the tyre should arrive tommorow, hopefully get a re-test friday then I just have to wait til I get paid (on the 6th ) and I can tax it.

    Been keeping myself busy though...

    Just today I got round to fitting a set of Irmscher pedals I bought from Spoons over a year ago even before I bought the car!

    I also bought a set of SRi leather door cards to finish my interior trim, the other ones I had weren't in the best condition and I missed my silver trims
    These were also fitted today!

    Also bought a brand new set of mats to replace the Irmscher ones, these are Edition 100 mats with "Turbo" embroided in blue on the front mats, I used a hole cutter to make holes in the passenger front both rear mats so I could use floor clips to stop them moving around, they look really good and clips look factory fitted.

    Finally I bought myself a new gear knob, well, not brand new, but a used one with the black/chrome top insert and chrome ring on on the lift reverse.

    Finally I bought one of plasma's alloy footrests to compliment my newly fitted Irmscher pedals.

    The car also needs a service which I'll carry out during the cars remaining downtime.

    That is all, I'll go and take some photos now
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    good to see that youve started to put the bits on the car . as you have said upgrading the worn parts with new /modded ones will make it even better . khalid

    the vectra has gone , but not far away so ill still see it form time to time

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