Was in mcdonalds drive through yesterday, and with been stuck between 2 walls, I noticed when i had a bit of throttle on when moving what sounded to me like a chugging/blowing sound,

however, I tried it slightly when not under load and got nothing, It only seems when it was actually under load.

I will be testing this today, getting the car up and getting under it to see if it is the flexi pipe. If it isnt, What else could it be?

Please dont say DMF/Clutch (though it had this work done recently anyway and been fine, untill this insedent.

On the other hand, I gave VX a call for a price on the flexi pippe......... I nearly fell of my chair!!

Local Rotherham Perrys Parts £144.40 + Vat! WTF, is that for real?

Signum 1.9cdti 150 with DPF. If that changed anythging