Hi all, still enjoying my 2007 1.9CDTI Vectra after three weeks of owning her.

I am missing not being able to run an MP3/Ipod player through the stereo though.

I have the CD 40 Opera with DAB and 6 disc multichanger. I have read a few threads on here that state you can't have an auxilliary connection if you have the DAB.

When i got the car it had a Nokia phone holder and some kind of hands free kit. I have removed the holder and just happened to play around with the bluetooth on my phone (HTC Desire) and ****** me it found a connection in my car and it works great. I then discovered that when a call comes through it mutes the radio and i get a message on the screen saying something about auxilliary input active (or something like that).

Have i got something special on the back of my radio that means i may be able to remove the bluetooth and put in an auxilliary socket so i can play an MP3 player through the stereo? Or am i doomed to making MP3 CD's for the rest of my life?