Took my V grill off today for colour coding, what a pain in the ass it is trying to release all those clips without snapping them, and how are you meant to release the bottom clips on the V Grill as inside the bumper they seemed to be hidden! I just had to yank it off and broke about half the clips! Nothing a bit of silicone or glue won't sort out though

Anyway, gave it a colour coat before and waiting until tomorrow to give it the clear coat, and then hopefully put it back on the car on Friday!

Up to now, I'm happy with the results, 2 small chips in it but nothing I could have done about that without having any appropriate filler.

Now a question to you guys... Should I take the maskin tape off the griffin and then laquer over the whole thing to give it all a good seal, or leave the tape on and just laquer were I've painted?

I will be sure to have another picture up when it's on the car hopefully Friday!