Hi all,

About a year ago (under warranty), the ECC on my car failed. When starting the car, the bottom section of the display showed no information (temperature, fan speed, etc) and none of the buttons and dials on the ECC "box" were working. Oh, and there was no ventilation.

This was fixed by replacing the ECC module.

Now the fault has occurred again and I'm wondering what else could cause the problem. Here are my current symptoms:
  • (one occurrence)As described above, the system never started up - no ECC display, no ventilation, no demisters
  • (one occurrence)This time the display was showing, but again no ventilation or demister functionality. Interestingly the temperature set points were showing but not the air distribution, fan speed or "Auto" displays.

Does anyone have any idea what could be at fault? I would have guessed the ECC controller, but it's already been replaced once and I'd consider it extremely unlucky to have two failures of it.