SPEEDO CLOCKS / IPC / INSTRUMENT Vauxhall VECTRA for sale [2006-2008]

The standard yellow illumination was changed. Speedo clock change the illumination from NORMAL mode to SPORT mode (from white in red color).

If SPORT button exist must connect the blue wire from IPC to the button (blue-white wire, pin 1)

If SPORT button doesn't exist then any switch which provide +12v can be used for change the color.

See the movie -- >http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z2s9y...1&feature=plcp

Manufactured 11.03.2008 GM Part number 13278729, Alpha Code TH
Works on:
Vectra-C / Signum petrol engine BUT works also on diesel engine with specification the RPM is [0-8000]
Works on Vectra-C / Signum 2002-2005 also (pre-facelift model) with the specification: this IPC have ONLY one display.

Removed from a Facelift Vauxhall 2008 car.

The speedo was reseted with Tech2. Also have 0 (zero) miles on display. Can be adjusted at any desired value with Tech2.
The IPC have almost all important indicators: Park Pilot, Service, ESP, EHPS, ABS, AFL, TPMS.

Any questions please ask.

Price: 100 euros + shipping (25 euros).