I've got a 54 plate 1.9 cdti sri vectra and it all started earlier this week when i came to my car first thing to go to work and the battery was dead! Got it started with some jump leads off the wife's car but as soon as i disconnected them all the dash lights came on and fast idle.

i soon came to the conclusion that my alternator had gone and had drained my battery overnight! my local garage picked up the car and charged the battery and replaced the alternator, but since its been returned its now got a dashboard light on showing an steering wheel and a ! mark through the RHS of the symbol.

The steering feels heavy but drivable but i can tell its not right, also when the car is on the drive and i turn the wheel lock to lock you can normally hear the power steering whirling but that has gone.

I took it back to the garage and they hooked it up to the reader and it came up with the fault code " C1532 steering angle sensor circuit open high voltage" I haven't booked it back in just yet because i want to be finding out as much info about it before they spend hours running up a bill!!!

Having searched on google about the code and fault nothing really seems to fit my problem since i've had the alternator replaced and then the code appeared, most people are saying that the alternator is on its way out but thats not the case with mine.

Any help would be much appreciated