evening all,

started to go through the car learning what buttons do what and what isnt quite right,
first thing is that tried to use the rear wiper and it would spray water but he arm wouldnt move. (previous car didnt have one so didnt think to check!)
first thing i thought to check is the fuse and it was fine, so what is the next thing to check? maybe check wiring in the boot door?

secound thing whilst i was in there i thought i would give the fuses a check and all was good so its a plus, how ever when comparing them to the hand book i noticed there was a couple missing.

Heating, Air conditiong unit fuse in the passenger side box, but there is one in the engine bay box. does that sound normal?

headlight range adjustment fuse, i believe i have the button for it but never realised that the range could be changed.
auxiliary heating fuse,
does anyone have any experiance with this kind of issue

all advice appreciated!