Guys and Girls. I have an issue with Zoes Corsa C 1.4 SRi.

After doing a few searches on the net i've tried two options i've found......

The issue, the Clocks/Speedo/mileometer etc are dead when the car is started, the heater controls are dim and the heater not work correctly and headlights not work.......however when you open the drivers door, all is back and working.

Plugged in Op-Com and got two codes.

P1615 and P1616.

So after a search on here, I've removed clocks and checked the connection. Then replaced the battery, it was the original one and was sat at under 12v anyway.

but the problem is still there.when the drivers door switch is pressed (or door shut) the clocks/lights don't work, open the door. all is fine.

After about 3-5 minutes, everything is fine and working.

I'm assuming my next step would be to remove, clean and reconnect the BCM. but where else can I look.
Is it a lose connection, and once warm (3-5 minutes) it reconnects and fine?

Anyone had this and got a fix?