Sorry if this is a repeat post ... (I lost it ... the post I mean)

I asked Vauxhall Customer Service if they were revising the service plan for MY 2006, and if they were, why? I also asked them to confirm they will continue with Eco-Flex Service plan for ZD19DTH

Here is their reply:

If the vehicle is set to Eco-Service Flex servicing, and therefore Vauxhall oil Grade: GM-LL-B-025 is being used, service intervals will be based on the indicator of the vehicle and can be anything up to 2 years/30,000 miles.

From model/year 2006 the service intervals on new Vauxhall vehicles will be changed, to enable an interim service at 1 year/20,000 miles and a main service at 2 years/40,000 miles. This change has been made in response to customer demand, as feedback received leads us to believe that many owners prefer the simplicity of fixed service schedules.

I think the interim will be a dust and shine rather than any actual work because brake fluid changes = 2 years, air filter changes = 4 years etc.... Maybe an oil change though ..... more cash for the dealers maybe?