Hi Guys,

I know there are plenty of threads on this but I can't pinpoint the info I need.
I have been having regular problems with the dpf putting the car into limp mode as I normally only do town driving. Up until last week, a good belt up the motorway would clear it... Saturday things changed.
there has been no issues when town driving and now the limp mode kicks in as soon as I try to accelerate on the motorway, meaning I cant give her the good run she needs...
I held her at various revs and speeds on saturday - 2000 up to 3000 but it did not regenerate and stayed in limp mode.
I switched engine off then on and it has been great around the town... Im confused!

Can anyone tell me the exact revs, mph and duration to complete a manual regeneration?
If anyone has removed the dpf and repammed the ecu, are there any horror stories? Any successes? What should I expect to pay?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated!