Hi all,

I am about to do some new mp3 cds for my car, I have a cd70 that can read some tags from the mp3s.

Whatís the best way to put these on a disk?

What folder structure and what id3 tag version does the CD70 read?

I tried two folders in the root of the cd, but it only shows the max of 8 chars on the folder name, It does see the folders though.

I read somewhere that you can use ID3 v 2.4 tags, so have removed id3 1.1 tags and my car now shows the title of the song, but it shows the album as the folder name with a max of 8 chars.

The title seems to work on one song ok, but not the next one as it donít appear to read the tag, instead it shows the filename.

Before I make all my MP3 Cds for the car, I thought I would ask if anyone can point me to the correct way the files and folders should be on the CD's and also what ID3 Tag version I should be using.

Not that it really matters, but it would be nice if it showed on the screen the correct details in full

Thanks, and I hope that makes sense.....