Ref my original post here...

Car was hit on the rear on the left hand side.

The bodyshop told me that it was something to do with the wiring under the seat so wasnt accident related. Ive been messing around with the wires and still couldnt get the light off so got a second opinion with a local vehicle electrics centre (has done work on my cars before so is trusted!)

Turns out there are 9 - yes 9 fault codes left in my car after the bodyshop alledgedly reset them.

They read like a map from 'NSR indicator circuit open' to 'rear electrics centre low speed canbus communication failure' then others but the main two causing the airbag light are CIM module communication failure, and CIM to drivers airbag squib communication error...

The electrics guy reckoned that something in the accident could have spiked the CIM module? Does this sound plausible? Light came on within a few days of the accident... Insurance company have changed the rear light as it was cracked and said maybe its let water in causing a short circuit?

****** cars!