Hi All,

My Vectra 1.9cdti 120ps had it's EML fault code read early December, showing blocked DPF (P1901 fault code). At the time I also noticed an increase in engine oil consumption, although it was arguable as to whether I just hadn't checked frequently enough.

I managed to clear the EML by flushing the DPF with caustic, which suggested that it wasn't ash biuild up, but rather carbon contamination but sure enough the EML returned within a week.

Since then the oil consumption problem really kicked off, with my wife being stranded 100 miles from home with the oil light on and the dipstick showing nothing - I had checked the oil the night before and on return of the car on the back of an RAC truck, I refilled to see that about 1-1.25L had been lost on that 100 mile journey. This is definitely bad!

My local dealer seem to be unable to accept that the car is losing oil because they can't see blue smoke, although since I removed the insides of the DPF the smoke is clear to see (also remapped to remove regen).

Also, on removing the air intake from the throttle housing, I can see blue smoke puffing from the air intake and if I rev it, oil splatters across my engine!

Is there any other explanation other than leaking turbo seals that would exhibit this?