Went over to Bridgnorth Monday, on the way there's a village, Norton, with a 30mph S bend in the middle. As it also has a crossroads in the middle of the bend, and a concealed pub entrance, I behave.
Coming out of bend, with 4 or 5 cars behind me, something caught my eye in the drivers door mirror, there was a Vauxhall Zafira happily passing all of us on the wrong side of the road as if it was a dual carriageway, then floored it and disappeared out of sight.
Coming back, at the Sutton Hill/Brockton Way roundabout, a red Volvo estate pulled out on me point blank, fortunately it opens up to dual carriageway there, so a quick lane change resolved it.
Tuesday we went off to pick up a rabbit and hutch from down the A5. Wendy's not allowed to drive yet, and we knew it was an old farm track, so I drove her car, Skoda Roomster. Doing a steady 50mph down the A5, a Vauxhall Astra convertable came up fast behind, did a clean overtake, by the time we got to the next bend (1/2 to a mile) onto a long straight his rear lights were showing at least two miles in front. Did us no harm, but why so fast?
Coming back I was following a Micra, both at around 60mph when a Pug did one of my pet hates, overtook, saw an oncoming car, cut in between me and the Micra and braked hard, got me down to 40mph, then took off again.
Got to the A5/A41 roundabout, indicating to follow the A41 home, and yes, a white car pulled straight across me point blank slow motion. Sports mode came in handy.
Do these people not look, or not care?