I'd recently had the dreaded failure in the instruments, trip computer, rear window heat etc and after some research on here tried/checked all the recommended fixes, ABS Plug, fuses, CIM connections. Unfortunately none of those fixed the fault, so it left me with the final option of of getting the CIM replaced.

Before I got round to it the problems started to mount up. The main one being that you would have to hold the ignition on for a couple of seconds before the car would start. The next one was a high reving engine with little forward motion of the car, this has got so worse that you physically can't go any faster than about 20 mph. This also makes pulling away from traffic lights quite difficult.

Anyway, to cut a long story short it has been to my local indy garage where they diagnosed an ECU fault, a CIM fault and a Lambda sensor fault. The gargage have advised me that as both the ECU and CIMs would need to be coded to the car, that they wouldn't be able to do the work and that the only gargage they know locally who would would be the Vauxhall dealer.

I've decided to take the hit on the diagnostic fee charged by Vauxhall and have booked it into the dealers and will take it from there.

But before it goes in does anyone have an idea of what kind of price I would be looking at for an ECU and CIM replacement? And seeing that it is on an 2002 model, is it going to be cost effective?

Thank you