elo ive got a 2005 vec c 2.2 sri, started with a fault last week when its fired up from cold it all seem ok not perfect but runs alot better but as son as ive done a couple mile ie when its warm its realy bad its splutters and when i come to a hill i have to go down to 2nd doin abut 20mph so far ive changed coilpack,fuel pump,plugs,fuel regulator,maf sensor,ecu, and stil no cure, vauxhall cant find the problom just keep changing bits wich isnt doin anything, its drinking loads of fuel, but i dont think it is anything major as i drove 280 mile when it started and hasnt got worse just stayed as it is, i was doin 30mph on the motoway on the hard sholder at sum point grrrrr eml light comes on but keeps bringin maf up but its been changed twice..also local garage unplugged egr to see if it would bring the fault up but it doesnt give any reading to say it even exist weather its plugged in or not...... any ideas as its driving me insane and costing me a fortune