I want another signum 150 cdti elite semi auto as i loved my last one so much. Problem is, my last one died after only 44,000 miles with the usual dpf / swirl issues and knackered auto box. (vauxhall actually presented me with a quote for £5000 to repair my 4 year old car...). So, a few things I wanted to ask, your help would be much appreciated.

How do i minimise the risk of buying another dud in regard to the dpf? Is there a mod that can be done to stop this problem? My last one had a fsh and was well maintained and still went wrong (although it was chipped).

How do a minimise the risk in regard to the auto box? Is there a model year I should avoid (My old one was an 06). Again, is there a mod to stop the water getting into the gearbox fluid?

I am thinking about a third party warranty to hopefully cover these issues and am prepared to pay for a good one. Anybody know of such a thing?

Finally, anyone selling a good cdti 150 elite auto?