After fitting a new (well 2nd hand) Resistor pack on my climate control gsi its only gone and blown again :/ Only 2 days after i fitted it!

Basically water got into my car via the motor due to blocked scuttle tray. Managed to find an extremely cheap resistor pack from a breakers eventually and fitted it after 3 days of letting motor dry and also giving it a little help from an hair dryer, daily.

Clearly im guessing the water hadn't actually fully gone so im gonna have to get my motor off and get it in the house to see if it'll dry and then work again (it isn't seized). Gonna have to get resistor pack repaired or replaced again also if its blown. Last time it set on fire, but not this time from what i guess but wont know until i get it off tomorrow

My question is... How do i get it out? lol. I've heard it can be a pig to get out so any help would be greatly appreciated as i can't afford a trip to the garage tbh