Please Help Me!
I have been Vauxhall since the 70's and love them. Nova, Viva, Astra Cavalier, Vectra, all have been great. I purchased a 2003 Vectra 1.8 in Feb 2011. and have fitted new front cat with Oxy sensor, new EGR valve and a new (reprogged) ECU. Had various problems with running and missing, all seem cured BUT it has an ongoing spasmodic problem of being slow to start but when it does the Spanner light comes on. Turn it off remove key and start again and its perfect. Code comes up for Cam Position Sensor. Fitted new one seemed O.K. for a day and then same problem. Tech 2 guy reckons may need a rewire from Cam Sensor plug to ECU but just womndered if it may be a faulty CIM module on the steering column or a bad connection?. The indicators either cancel themselves or just dont and the Cruise control turns it self off at times, although I think that this may be the spring on the clutch pedal.

Any help PLEEZE, would be greatly appreciated. my Wife says either fix it sell it or our 47 years of marriage will end.
Posted this in elkectrical as well, hope that O.K.
Thanks guys in anticiptaion,