I'll give you the whole story first. In Feb I bought a lovely Vectra C 1.8 SXI on a 52 plate, the garage changed the water pump and cam belt as they said it hadn't been done yet and it was due it. Also they said they would replace boot struts as one had broken, the parts hadn't come in so i took the car anyway, the struts came in but were wrong part, but finally sorted in a few days.
On the 23rd October the car lost all power and stalled, I checked under the bonnet and it had dumped all it's water on the road.
I got it towed back home and called a mechanic to have a look at it. He came the next day and told me that the water pump had failed and the timing belt had slipped and he suggested that I contact the garage where I got the car to see if the water pump was actually changed and if it was the repair job should be able to be done on warranty. At this point I was thinking about costs for a full top end rebuild....
I contacted them and they agreed to take the car in a have a look at it, and let me borrow a car while they fix mine. I picked up the borrowed car from them (old ford KA). A few days passed and they picked up the car, then after calling them for several days they said they are waiting for the warranty paperwork to come back from the supplier. I swapped the KA for a Even worse fiesta as I noticed the KA had a bald tyre. When it finally did they agreed that the water pump had failed and the part supplier had asked them to change the water pump and timing belt. I that the timing belt had slipped and it'll be very lucky for the valves to be fine, but I agreed that the pump and belt get changed first. Changed the Fiesta for a Corsa, which was much better.
A couple of weeks later after calling them every other day, they told me that the water pump and belt change wasn't successful and that the top will have to come off. I was quite annoyed at this point as they said this work will have to be agreed with the parts company again. I was then told that the car will probably be looked at again next Thursday. I called back (friday) next week and they told me that all the valves had to be changed and the car is running now. I thought good finally i can have it back, but they told me that the camshaft senor was faulty and had to be changed, an the Corsa needed to come back for MOT, I took it back and got the KA back , but with a new tyre. The part was due in on monday, monday came and I called them but they said the part was due in at their supplier on Monday and they'll fit it on tuesday.

On Last Tueday (29th Nov) I picked up the vectra and a bill for the Sensor, at this point i was Happy to have the car back at last.

I sat in the car and adjusted the seat and the adjuster didn't work, so i ended up fixing the cable.

And to top it all off I've ended up replacing 1 tyre on thursday as it had a slow puncture and another tyre on saturday as it had a nail in it.

At this point I'm thinking are cars really worth the hassle, I just glad the Garage was really good in helping me out.

To top it all off my other car has decided to join in the game of not working.

-----Current issue below -------
Oh, forgot to mention now the coolant low light comes on for a second when starting from cold but I've checked the level and it was a bit low so i topped up. This morning evening after work the light came on for a second again, I can't see any coolant leaks, but there looks like a slight oil leak from the timing belt end of the engine.

Any suggestions, as can't really do with the vectra going wrong again.

Many thanks