Hi Guys i need your help desperatly!!!!
I have a Vetcra C 1.8 petrol SRi on 55 plate facelift, my car has been back to Vauxhall 3 times for the same problem of the power steering failing!
The last time i taken it back was about 5-6 weeks ago & they put a new pump & charged me £560. On Thursday last week i had to take it back again as it packed in again, now on the Friday they said the machine was saying there was 4 faults all stating could be the battery. They said we will charge your battery up & see if it solves the problem. I told them that there was no battery light on the dash lighting up, he told me they don't! Now it's Monday 15:30hrs the car is STILL in there, they ask me if they can put a battery on, i told them yes as long as it works the power steering. Today is Tuesday & guess what, STILL in there, it's not the battery, we will look at it this afternoon & ring you!
Has anyone had a similar issue with there Vectra or does anyone know what can i do? They told me when they replaced the pump this was the issue, no mention of battery being knackered! I mentioned the sensor in the steering wheel, they said NAH!!!