Right fellas, as the title suggests i'm after abit of advice regarding mortgages perticulary shared ownership ones.

Basically me and the girlfriend are living in rented house at the moment and have been trying to save for a 10% deposit on £90,000 house, we all know how expensive vectras can be to run so this isn't quite going to plan!

Anyway we've been offered Shared ownership of 75% on a new build property near us with only a 5% deposit, Bonus! or so we thought....

We can either take an interest free loan off the housing association for 5 years for the remaining 25% or pay rent on the 25% (dead money as far as i'm concerned so dont't really want to do that) The Interest free loan will be the best option for the first 5 years but then what? will we have to pay it back in installments every month or will we be able to put it on the mortgage?

I've done abit of googling and spoke to financial advisor but no-one seems to be able to clear this up for us, so if anyones got any advice about shared ownership wether its a good idea or not then i'd appreciate your advice