Hi,can anyone please give me some advice,the problem i have is my car(vectra 2.0 dti) loses power as soon as it goes over 2500 revs and then it wont reach 3000 revs at all,it gets sluggish,like no turbo,if i switch engine off then on again i can rev it twice or most 3 times over 3000 revs then thats it,it wont get over 3000 revs and sluggish. I had diagnostic and fault code P0400. Ive changed the boost pressure sensor,still same,ive cleaned the EGR valve still same,ive checked hoses all seem ok. While cleaning the EGR valve i took off the plastic case at the back where the little mechanism is that pushes the valve in/out.and it sticks,is this normal,is the valve supposes to come in/out freely is it supposes to stick abit. when it sticks you have to push the end of valve for it to come back in,hope im making sense here. Also will changing the barometric pressure sensor be of any help.Are there any other tests or fault finding i can do myself,just cant afford the garage prices at the moment. Any help would be much appreciated. thanks.