Ever wondered how to get to the last part, at the bottom of a wax container/ canister .
What i have used here is a tube of butter wet wax as a tester now this was down to the point where i could not squeze ,flick , tip any more out of the tube , i had allready left it for 24 hrs standing upside down so that what remained would be near the top this was then applied to the car .

So stage 1 is to pour in boiling water up to about a third of the way up the bottle agitate the fluid so that the wax is left in suspension with the water .
step 2 allow to cool and the the wax will now solidify while suspended ,
transfer contents to a larger container and leave for 24 hrs step 1 and 2 can be repeated if neccesary but you should get 95% on first attempt

Step 3 Using a very small drill bit drill a few holes in the bottom of the larger container and allow water to drain leaving the wax behind then remove and place thhe wax in a container to further harden .

So from a seemingly empty container that would be just thrown away you get 30ml of wax plus a container which now can be reused for whatever you fancy the only thing that is disposed of is the cooling container which in this case was a food container from the supermarket which was going to be thrown away anyway
If anyone has any question,s i would be happy to help