Fitted my 50w 4300k kit from HID Direct. Fair enough I had em 1 year in box b4 fitting but still have 1 year warranty. First time round, the O/S went out randomly. Swapped ballast over to check fault and then N/s would not work, so it seems to prove ballast was faulty. Got HID Direct to swap ballast and fitted and working ok. Then the otherside (the original that worked ok when 1st fitted to n/s then swapped to o/s) starts to play up, works for a few miles of running the goes off, I can switch off whilst running and the switch back on ok, they work for a few minutes more then go off again....and so on. Do you think I am just unlucky and the other ballast is faulty too.
Although HID Direct are happy enough to swap the parts under warranty they have absolutely no sympathy of the work involved in swapping the units and the inconvenience involved, not to mention the safety aspect of having faulty headlights.
not impressed!!!