This morning I decided that as My Wife was baking some things for a birthday i would have a go at fixing the drivers mirror on my Siggy. So put my sons coat on and dropped him in the car (cause he loves cars... Brings a tear to my eye) where he happily pressed all the buttons and flicked all the switches and set to it.

First off I removed the Mirror glass (Pic 1)

Took out the 3 fixing screws for the Motor Assembly and gently eased out the white plug(Pic 2)

Left me with a PC PSU style plug that for some reason was only a tight fit in the motor but was also clipped in Pain in the Backside (Pic 3)

So rebuild time.

Wacked the "new" motor in and screwed it back in and put the mirror glass back on. Quick test shows it was a fully working motor bonus

The last pic shows the Damage to the motor from when it was clipped (before my ownership) and why i couldn't move the mirror from left to right

All done just in time for the heavens to open.