A travel agent in Dewsbury is offering 3 nights in Venice for £165 pp. And you get breakfast.

Kirklees Council is offering 4 stalls on Dewsbury Market for £61.40 / day, £184.20. Nobody buys you breakfast, either. The bacon sarnie will have a piece of rubbery fat in that when you bite your sandwich, causes a piece of bacon to twang out and get you in the face. But on a Wednesday and Saturday, you can get an excellent cup of Italian coffee for £1 from Keith. Enjoy and ponder over whether you made the right travel choice.

Venice, the jewel of the Adriatic, offers a wealth of culture, the opportunity to experience a totally different city and way of life. It is clean. Venice, however, cannot boast Dewsbury's claim to fame of being placed on that lunatic GW Bush's 'axis of evil'.

3 days at Dewsbury Market

3 nights in Venice....

I can't help thinking that I am repeatedly making the wrong choice in life