My PC? A 4 yearold machine I built based around the Asus Blitz Formula. Most components have been upgraded since the original build, and currently runs quite happily with a 3Ghz Wolfdale E8400, 4Gb Corsair Dominator and an Nvidia 9600GT. Nothing special, but does what I want while I'm waiting for the new monster Intel chips at the start of next year.

In the mean time, I decided I'd treat it with an SSD and Windows 7, and picked up a Crucial M4 64GB and the software for 150 squid from Scan. Bargain.

Firmware on the drive updated, I installed Windows and marvelled at the high speed of the boot and general smoothness and quietness of the whole setup. I was fully aware that my motherboard only had Sata 2 ports on it, and so would be limiting at around 300MB/sec. Not a problem, I thought, I can sort that out later on with a Highpoint Rocket expansion card which adds Sata 3 connections using the PCI slots.

After a few weeks digging my way through the minefield of TRIM, AHCI and other SSD gobbledegook, I decided to get myself a Rocket 620 and get some proper speed out of it.

Card purchased, installed, setup and Windows up and running. Sorted.

A quick test using AS SSD was run and I sat back and watched my speeds drop from about 250 to 200 MB/sec on the sequential test.

Thinking I must have ticked or not-ticked a box somewhere along the line, I did a bit of research and soon discovered my monumental cockup.

My motherboard isn't exactly new, and has PCI Express 1.x slots on it. HDD expansion cards like the Rocket are limited to using 1x lane on PCI Express 1.x, which equates to about 250MB/Sec.

In a nutshell, I'd spent 35 quid on a Rocket to make my SSD SLOWER than it was connected to the Sata 2 slot.

So, lesson 1 folks - research, research, research...