Hi all, ive decided to put this up for sale on here, as id rather it go to a good home than some wally on ebay!

She’s 52 plate very much loved and will be missed vectra sri 2.2 dti, very good condition for her age considering I brought her off a very old coupe who were only selling because they were struggling to fit in their garage every night so they brought a brand new fiesta.

Ive just noticed ive had the car for a year yesterday, and am only selling because I need a ‘more’ reliable car to get me too work, I say more because the car has developed a intermient fault which I posted on here a while ago about –


Like I said, it doesn’t do it all the time and probably would never do it if you live local to your work but I do 60 miles a day and need my cars not too fault as I work at a hospital, so ive put my new car (which was meant to be for the mrs) on the road for the time being. I would have a go at fixing it myself, but would then have to insure two cars and run it for a month before it faulted again, it’s that infrequent. And to be honest im enjoying driving my new car now, mk5 golf gti with dsg flappy paddles!! lol

All the usual extras the sri’s got, cd player, air con, cruise, trip computer etc etc

Only 89k with a FSH, mot’d until april next year, also tax till the end of the month (oct) but is currently SORN because of this stupid new law.

Not so good bits –
-Fault as described in the above link
-At the last service (feb) told one the rear boomerangs/banana bush things had play ( have two new ones included in the sale)
-Slight squick form the front slowing down at low speeds, no knocking but maybe a bush is a little dry.
-Drivers speaker sometimes rattles.
-Battle scare from where the old couple I got it off must have caught the garage, passenger side front where the bumper meets the wing, if you can see it in the photos.
-Some laquer peel on the front bumper.

Im probably being too picky, but id rather be honest with people and not waste their time.

Also included is a filter and oil if the buyer wants it.

I want £1500 no offers for her as she stands, and before I stick on ebay. And am planning on giving her a good polish at the weekend, so will add some more pics then.

Thanks for looking, pete