right i am taking my vec c sri cdti to oktoberfest, munich next wednesday used to take my signum 2.2 petrol but the diesel seemed a better choice.

i am well aware of the issues surrounding injector 3 and the wiring mod. but had the service light flashing intermittently at me while driving and going rough according. and i mean it would flash then off then on again and so on in the space of 10 seconds. now had the AA look at it and cleared the errors played with connector fixed it but went to work (taxi driver) happened again the AA man this morning said he thinks the injector is going open circuit as he had a light he connected to the injector connector and it was pulsing.

anyone had anything like this and how hard is changing an injector or rough time to fix at a garage plus cost of new injector??

i have seen posts all over about this and did hunt but nothing was exactly like what im having