Hi all ,I thought id share this with you . Today I was speaking to the bloke who brings all Eddie Stobart's cleaning products from AutoSmart and was saying he could do us a good deal on pretty much anything from snowfoam KITS to ( Smartfoam - dura foam = £40.72 , actimousse plus = £43.40 ,high foam £45.72 HD foam £61.62 ) , I'm not sure if these prices are steep ( you may get it cheaper ) but you also need to remember there in containers big enough to clean X Amount of HGV units ( so a fair size container . ( I might be wrong but I'm sure he said somat along the.lines of 50lts ) and the all other products right the way down to tyre dressing(5L £20 a tub ) all interior cleaner . Brushes The lot. As I said I'm not 100% ot all the prices as it was a quick hello as I was really busy . I live in Chester and the products are over the WIDNES area so id say its possible only good for the NW guys. Or unless you have a meet and exchange cash/products and someone buys for someone else .. Anyway I hope this can be good for others .

Cheers for reading.