Hey guys, im wondering if anyone can help me here...

I recently did the inlet and EGR clean and had to take the fuel lines off which go into the head...

I also removed the vacuum hoses as these were in the way.

Since doing this i have had a strange noise when i put my foot to the floor between 1500-3000 revs, however i cant find this when im under the engine due to everything being so loud.

However, after the car has been hard to start in the morning (takes maybe 10 seconds of turning over before it begins to catch and then is lumpy) for a few moments i'm wondering if the noise and the starting are related and are infact pointing to an air leak allowing air into the system as the car stads, making it hard to start after a good period of sitting (overnight).

Now, i certainly cant find fuel leaking anywhere, but perhaps the air leak is almost insignificant with regards to its size?

I've no idea where to look or what to check but all hoses are connected and all bolts feel tight, so what could be my problem?


I go back to uni on saturday so really need to sort this unfortunately.