The company accountant has been caught with his hand in the till, to keep his Mistress in the manner to which she has become accustomed, he has taken $50.000 Bucks from the business.

When he is discovered and asked to explain himself late on a Friday afternoon, the GM says that he has until Monday morning to pay the money back or face The consequences.

On his way home, in a desperate mood, he stops of in a club for a drink.
Alone in the bar is One man at the bar drinking and dwarf playing the piano.
Beside the first customer is a magic lamp. After exchanging stories the first man Says to the accountant that he can use the magic lamp, for one wish only to sought out His problem.

On rubbing the lamp and opening his eyes, the accountant is swamped by
50.000 ducks. On seeing the result of his one wish, the accountant complains Violently to the first customer, “My wish was no better” said the man,
“Do you think that I wanted a 12 inch pianist”?