Morning all.
I have been reading lots of post in this forum trying to learn about my car.
One very irritating thing i have found is that when the car is at running temp...around 85 degrees on the gauge, i travel at a constant speed with or with out the crusie control on the car juders, almost like a misfire!
now i had an mg zr td before this where the head gasket went.
it was on the exhaust port this in turn pressuised the water cooling system, causing the car to expell all the coolant after a given period.
I still drove the car but when it started to juder i knew coolant top up needed, and within moments the temp gauge went of the scale.
Could my car be running to hot( back to the signnum 3.0 cdti auto)
What symptoms would a faulty temp sesnor cause?
my colleauge here has a 04 plate astra 1.7 cdti and says on a steady run his car does the same juddering thing.
Cheers in advance guys