Ok fellas, here is where i'm at. Ive bought an ex police vectra 150hp diesel which i absolutley love. However, due to police spec it has no cruise control! This is realy irritating as we do alot on the motorway. Ive been to see a local chap who has tried to turn it on but it is showing as 'not available' in the cim. Anyway, to cut a long story short, he says we need to swap it for a new CIM which has the ability to have the cruise programmed on it. My query is the following:

When i replaced the CIM a few years ago on a half can bus vec, it was a simple case of getting the same part number cim and getting it programed in. I cant do this on this car because then, i would assume, i would end up with another cim which wont have the cc programmable. I therefore need one that does have the feature, but i dont know the part number/ident codes etc... You see my predicament?

Has anyone (with more CIM experience than me) got any idea on whats best to do. The conversation with my local vaux dealer was laughable, he suggested scrapping it ???!!!!! I have had dealings with them before and came to the conclusion that they were incompetent then, so I dont know what i was expecting this time in all fairness!

Any ideas/experience/part number off your cars would be appreciated as i realy dont know which cim i should be going for. Its a 150hp cdti auto pre facelift 55plate btw. Kinda scratching my head at mo...........